A boon for vertebral fixation

In the modern day, fast-paced lifestyle, spinal problems are becoming more and more common. And as the surgical procedures for extreme cases of restructuring the spinal posture are becoming more and more expensive, there is a rising demand for affordable medical care as much as there is one for equipment that is more reliable and precise.

This is what we started out with- an idea for raising the traditional standards of medical equipment, in a way that would benefit the doctors and patients alike.
And thanks to our effective production teams and technical experts, we gave birth to the Ephorate - an economical and convenient solution for spinal surgeries.
Ephorate screws are manufactured in India using grade 23 Titanium alloy which is equivalent to ASTM certified medical testing of alloy and hence, means, that they are corrosion resistant as well as sturdy in the application. And thanks to moving the production to India, Ephorate spinal systems are available at an affordable price point.

Ephorate screws are available from the range starting from 4.5 till 7.0 millimeters in diameter and lengths ranging from 25 till 50 millimeters. For improving the application in iliac fixation, we have also introduced 55 to 90 millimeters of range of length and 6.5 to 7.0 millimeters in diameter.

All of the above Ephorate screw systems have a thread pitch of 1mm, which provides higher stability and durability into the construct. The use of these sets of standards makes sure that they can be used on patients with different bone densities and spinal structures. We have designed Ephorate screws in a way that gives them bilateral 'Self-Tapping' properties. This gives these screws a unique bilateral tapping precision, something that can maximize surgical efficiency. To further perfect the practical application of the design, Ephorate screws come with a pre-cut dimensional hex – end rod (5.5 millimeters in width), along with an upside marker that is radiolucent in nature.

With certifications of CE, ISO 9001:2008 + ISO 13485:2012, Ephorate spinal systems are a great solution for patients who are in need of reliable spinal procedures at a convenient cost.
We at Dolor Remedies in conjunction with Bonetech Medisys are proud to give birth to this new solution, in hopes of illuminating the standards of medical healthcare along with economical convenience for the patients.