In the modern era of desk jobs and minimal physical effort-oriented lifestyle choices, there is a common saying that 'everyone is a patient.'
And now while that might not be as bad as it sounds, it is imperative for everyone to keep a track of the status of their physical health.
In the human anatomical structure, the spine is the most important part, as it not only gives you the strength to perform physical activity but also supplies your whole body with nerves. And considering how these nerves are responsible for a wide range of operations from senses to reflexes, having a poor nervous system can create problems that can last a lifetime.


Here are a few reasons to get your spine checked out as soon as possible.

Spine/Nerve-related problems can exist without pain

There is a notion that you should get a part of the body checked out 'only if it hurts.' And while pain is out body's way of telling us that something is wrong, problems in the nervous system can exist on a much complex level. Research states that in some issues, pain in the spine comes at dangerous levels of damage to the nervous system. So spinal examinations like palpation, posture, weight balance, muscle testing and scans must be done at least every year to keep a track of things before it's too late.

It can be too late by the time you notice that something is wrong

By the time, you start to notice a slouch, crook, pain or an issue with your posture, it could already have been too long. These problems start out small and they slowly increase over time. Your grandparents didn't start walking in a slouched posture when they hit the age of 60. The process took place slowly, and by the time it was noticeable, it was already too late.

A Nervous system/Spinal issue can become dangerous within 14 days

Researchers believe that any issue related to the spine and the nervous system can deteriorate at a dangerous rate within 2 weeks of emerging. We live a lifestyle where we work on computers 6-8 hours a day. We ignore mild neck pains post nights spent on a vacation or in uncomfortable conditions. Most of us don't sleep for 8 hours a day. And it has already been so many weeks since we have been following these schedules.

Prevention is better than cure (especially these days)

Our lives are getting more and more hectic and the healthcare costs only keep going up. Now more than ever, you can't really afford to get ill. For the purposes of the bank and for your work life. Keeping a track of your health status is better than curing it later using a lot of time, effort, and money.

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